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Just to entertain you while you are looking for a course.
Story 1

Once there was a man who decided to learn a foreign language. "If I spoke a foreign language well I'd be able to earn a lot of money and I'd be a rich man." He thought to himself.

But he was a lazy man and he did not want to study long and work hard. Certainly, he had heard about "special trainings" that would help him learn it in very short time and without any pain.

First he tried some computer programs but very soon he concieved that he had to work hard and got tired. Then he went to some courses where he was told that he would learn it in two month. After finishing the course he happened to meet a foreigner whose native language was the language he had studied. Of course he took a chance and talked to the foreigner but he could not go further than 'my name is'. He was very upset. "What did I do wrong?" he thought, "Why can't I still speak it?" Do you know the answer my dear reader? For more stories just type three letters (I hope you know where) and extention for Uzbekistan.

The answer is: you did not go to LTS TRAINING
be back soon with a new story
Good luck from lts!!!
- Обучение иностранным языкам;
- Подготовка абитуриентов.


: Учебные курсы, Тренинги, Курсы иностранных языков, Учебные центры


: Узбекистан, Ташкент, Яккасарайский район , Усмана Насыра улица, дом 53б, этаж 4, офис 406

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: 100000


: Базар "Аския"


: (+998 71) 253 31 50


: training.center.lts@gmail.com

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